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Reports on Past Book Fair

   Ms Kaine Agary

              Ms Kaine Agary
(Author of "Yellow-Yellow -Joint winner of Victor Nwankwo Book of the Year Award 2007

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Welcome to Nigeria International Book Fair...bringing books closer to the people for better education and self-improvement


     Nigeria Book Fair Trust

The Nigerian Book Fair Trust (NBFT) the organisers of Nigerian International Book Fair,  is a coalition of the major stakeholders in the Nigerian book sector, comprising the Nigerian Publishers Association, Nigerian Book Foundation, Nigerian Booksellers Association, Association of Nigerian Printers, Nigerian Library Association, Association of Nigerian Authors and the Association of Non-Fiction and Academic Authors of Nigeria. The Trust was incorporated in 1999, and enjoys the endorsement of the Education Tax Fund (ETF), Nigerian Education Research and Development Council and the Federal Government of Nigeria.


The Trust is set up primarily to promote reading, educational, intellectual and technological development of the people, has as her stated objectives the following:

  • To improve the reading culture in Nigeria

  • To bring books closer to the people for better education and self-improvement.

  • To inculcate in the younger generation of Nigerians, necessary readership and authorship skills for a wholesome book society.