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Nigeria International Book Fair,
Address: Literamed Building, Plot 45 Oregun Industrial Estate , Alausa Bus-Stop, Ikeja.
Post: P.M.B 21068 Ikeja.
Telephone Phone:234-1- 4823402, 4962512, 7780316, 7780340.
Fax: 234-1-4935258, 7780340.
Email: info@nibf.org
Website: http://www.nibf.org


Nigeria International Book Fair

The Nigeria International Book Fair is an evolving market place for book and other instructional materials in various forms, such as chart, e-books and software. It is also a place for the purchase of publishing and distribution rights.NIBF is gradually becoming the meeting place for networking in the publishing industry in Africa, and it is poised to bring books and other instructional materials closer to the people for better education and self-improvement.
The Nigeria International Book Fair attracts impressive attendance from other African countries, Asia, other parts of the world and, of course, the Nigeria teeming populace.

The book industry in Nigeria is a vibrant and fast growing one. There are currently 103 registered member-firms of the Nigerian publishers Association (NPA), with a sizeable number of well established publishing outfits that are not members of the publishers Association. Big and well -structured modern bookshops also exit in city centers and sub-urban locations, thus making books readily available and within the reach of the reading public. The Nigerian book market is, today the biggest in Africa.


  • Nigeria is the largest Educational Industry in Africa, with a population of over 40million in the school system-hence, a veritable book market.
  • It has a thriving publishing industry.
  • The Nigeria International Book Fair draws participants from the country's over 120million people, with an average of 3000 people visiting the fair on a daily basis.
  • The Nigeria International Book Fair is always an avenue for interface among key actor in the book industry from within and outside the African continent.
  • The Nigeria International Book Fair is the meeting place for the entire book world where actor in the industry come together to network, learn and do business.
  • The Nigeria International Book Fair holds a total education package for all levels of the human race, toward making them better individuals.

Nigeria International Book Fair features various publishers, booksellers, library equipment suppliers, and Infromation Service Providers showcasing books, other instructional materials and gift items. It is thus open to;

  • General, Children, Educatiuonal Arts and Religious Publishers.
  • Bookshops and Books distribution outlets.
  • Library Equipment Suppliers.
  • Computer Software Manufacturers/Distributors.
  • Printing Equipment Suppliers.
  • University Presses.
  • Private Book Developers.
  • Research Institutes.
  • Arts Galleries and Illustrators.
  • Gifts Manufacturers/Sellers.
  • Professional/Technical/Scientific Information Service Providers.


  • Publishers and Publishers' Representatives.
  • Booksellers
  • Educational/Professional Institutions
  • Librarians.
  • Printing Presses
  • Rights Professionals.
  • Industry Professionals and Buyers.
  • Retailers.
  • Authors, Critics/Reviewers
  • Academics
  • General Public
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