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Reports on Past Book Fair

      Award at the last fair contest
 Award Presentation @ 2006 NIBF
The Winner of the 2006 NIBF / ETF organised Essay Competition receiving the prize amidst smile...

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Welcome to Nigeria International Book Fair...bringing books closer to the people for better education and self-improvement

 Some Visitors at the Fair

            Terms and Conditions


Application to exhibit must be made on the Official Application Form inserted in this brochure or on-line via our website: www.nibf.org The completed application form must reach the NIBF Secretariat or any of our agents before Friday, 24th April, 2006. Confirmed applications received with full payment on or before Friday, 30th December, 2005 will attract 10% discount on the cost of exhibition stand. Exhibition rental fees are as stated on the enclosed Official Application Form.
Specially designed bookshelves will be made available to exhibitors. 6, 9 and 12 shelves will be provided for 4, 8 and 12 square metres stands respectively. Also, 1 table + 2 chairs, 2 tables +4 chairs and 3 tables +6 chairs shall be provided for 4, 8 and 12 square metres stands respectively. One extra shelf will be provided for every square metre booked in excess of 12sqm. Additional shelves shall attract N900.00 or US$10.00per shelf. Each exhibitor will be provided with an exhibition package, containing one identification tag for the contact person, an official directory and other effects as may be provided by the Secretariat.
  The organisers reserve the right, at any time, to change the location of the fair. Such a change will not attract any compensation to the applicants and exhibitors.  
If circumstances so warrant, the organisers reserve the right to postpone, alter or cancel the fair. In case of cancellation, rental collected will be refunded after making the necessary administrative deductions. No refund would however be made if a participant decides to withdraw from the fair after making firm booking.
Stand will be allocated according to the nature of the exhibits. Under exceptional circumstances prior to the commencement of the exhibition, the organisers may change the space allocated to an exhibitor and such changes shall not attract any compensation. However, stands shall be allocated on first come, first served basis.
The organisers shall take all reasonable security precaution in the interest of exhibitors and visitors. We advise that adequate precaution should be taken to protect personal effects and materials brought for exhibition. The organisers shall not be held liable for any loss, theft or damage to personal effects or exhibits at the stands.
  The NIBF will maintain general cleanliness of the venue, exhibitors will however be responsible for keeping their stands tidy at all times for the duration of the book fair.  
  The book fair will open by 9am and close by 6pm daily.  
The name and addresses of each exhibitor, alongside a description of the business in not more than 50 words, will be listed in the Fair Directory. Details should be provided in the enclosed Official Application Form. The NIBF reserves the right to edit the information sent by the participants, if longer than specified.
There are suitable accommodation facilities around the book fair venue. Reservations would be made by NIBF on request. Details of available facilities will also be provided on our website: www.nibf.org and sent on request to participants. Contact with the secretariat could be by e-mail: info@nibf.org or through the listed telephone lines at the back of this brochure.