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Reports on Past Book Fair

      Prof Wole Soyinka
 Prof Wole Soyinka
Delivering his keynote address @ the First NIBF (
14 - 19 May 2002)

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“We cannot gainsay the fact that the 2007 NIBF was a success. We hope to participate in the 2008 NIBF. In the meanwhile, accept the assurances of our highest esteem.”

 Glory Okeagu For: Director (NBCD)

National Library of Nigeria


“It was really a pleasure to be there and I still think you don't have to beg anybody to attend the ever improving book fair. It has always been my wish that my members would also see the light and stop dragging their feet on contributing towards our participation. Thanks once again...”

Stephen Brobbey

P. O. Box GP 13819  Accra-Ghana

Phone: (+233) 24 4605253

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank you immensely for making my participation in the fair possible! Thank you very much for a pleasant visit to Lagos! I enjoyed the fair and it was great fun to meet so many new people.  Your Protocol Officer was excellent! He beat the Lagos traffic to get us to the airport on time. The Hospitality you gave us was absolutely great and we thank you very warmly.

The programme and the catalogue were extremely well done! You have come a long way! Accept my hearty congratulations for a brilliant performance! Keep it up, my dear”

Akoss Ofori-Mensah

Sub-Saharan Publishers, Ghana.